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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Ebay does not have your back!

So much for buyer protection; Ebay decided in favor of a seller who never sent me the item I purchased username: grandma something or other.  I called my credit card company and told them not to pay that charge.  It was a small amount of money, but I closed my Ebay account after 15 years.  I had a 100% rating as a seller, too.  Never again!  I would close my PayPal account, too, but too many people still require you to have PayPal to get paid.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Book review: The Juncture by Bruce Fottler

Gary wakes up in the past, but still remembers his future and present, which become the same in the past. As he struggles through some not-so-fond, adolescent memories, he finally understands what is occurring,when he finds someone who shares knowledge of his own flashback.The Juncture is based on an interesting combination of dimensions that succeed very well at the end of the story.

I would classify this as middle school reading because the characters acted this age level .  There was too much detail in some parts of the story, making it boring .  I hung on until the end, where the point of the story and characters seemed evident.  The author succeeded very well in making the Christian characters seem human and not sanctimonious.  The overall message:  God was working through the characters' lives and God is at work in our lives. Can we change our lives through changing our actions and do we get second chances?  

Friday, November 20, 2015


I am very thankful this year that I am much happier.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Ode to Boyfriends

After putting up with around 45 years of boyfriends, I must say, "What a time waster!"  Betting used to the BS and the "families-in-law" is more than I will put up with anymore.  Oh, and there are the benefits:  the benefits from hell.  No thanks, no more.  They all seem to be the same, complete narcissists who don't give a damn about anyone else.  They can be nice if they want to, when appearances matter, but to the significant others? Cold day in hell before you can put a bomb up their ass to get them to do something for you.  And this is what women are brainwashed to put up with?

I guess if they weren't, the population would go down dramatically and the wedding industry would suffer.  I have much better things to do with my life.  In fact, there are not enough hours in a day for me to do all the things I am much happier doing.  Thank you, God, for letting me finally see the light, and about that, I am sincere.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Penn Foster again!

Below is an example of the "teaching" at Penn Foster  Teachers are just graders who have no knowledge of the lessons they are grading.  Some lessons have not been updated in years.  Many of the programs have some of the same "filler" material that has nothing to do with what you're studying.
This is what I said about my grade:
RE:  grading Karen Huber 22237353-028005
I believe I completed the assignment as asked. Your comment shows that you are unaware of what was asked in the assignment.

This is what the "grader" said:
Comment [WU3]: The assignment asks for the
first paragraph to focus on the solution to the
problem. The second paragraph should focus on
the benefits of the solution.

This is what the actual assignment said:
Section 1
• Facts and figures that define the problem (the cause)
• Details that show the impact of the problem (effects) on Jack,
Ruth, and the company
Section 2
• The steps needed to change the situation
• Reason to implement each step, including the benefits to your
employees, your supervisor, and the company
• Information about your role in the change

could not upload .pdf files for illustration

This school really needs to get its act together.  I didn't write a remarkable PhD thesis for the project, but I did follow instructions.  
I just realized you can give Google Voice your phone number, then block unwanted calls on Google Voice..  Handy!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Big companies

While watching "Shark Tank" last night, I couldn't help but wish that all business people were as intelligent as the Sharks.  Business in America seems to think it can make its own laws. Take customer service at Verizon.. The rep says that he is required to have my full name.  When I ask him to cite the law that requires that, he repeats that Verizon requires this information.  So these business people think we are all that stupid as to not think about what we are asked?  We are all so brainwashed, it isn't funny.  When we think critically about something, we are considered troublesome.  Same thing when we ask questions.

We are supposed to trust doctors implicitly. After all, they are business people, too.  Yet, we often get advice that is so outdated or so off the mark, it might actually kill us if we did as they told us.  Pharmaceutical medicines, what a business!  Most of the medicine is so dangerous, I'm not sure why doctors are buying into it.  Because that is all that is available?  Come on, one of the richest, money-wasting countries on the planet cannot come up with better than that?  It's all about the money, honey.
Too bad, it seems that these huge conglomerates have God complexes.

Eventually they will hang themselves.  People will get sick of paying exorbitant prices for crap and even more exorbitant prices for quality.  And, most people no longer have money for extras much less for the necessities.

Drinking champagne may boost memory, prevent dementia, study says | Clark Howard

Drinking champagne may boost memory, prevent dementia, study says | Clark Howard

Friday, November 13, 2015

Ode to Parents

As one who grew up with really bad parents, and later worked with kids who had really bad parents, at last I'm going to say what I really feel.  One radio commercial states something like, you don't have to be a perfect parent.  No, but acceptability would be really nice.  As adults, we deal with all the horrible skills many parents raised us with.  No, we don't need it.  No thanks.  Please really consider why you want kids before you do the physical act.  It really takes no effort at all to have kids, just a reproductive system.  It is not a big accomplishment.  Many times, it is a selfish need that people want to satisfy.

Maintaining the family tree, giving a piece of ourselves to humanity (take it from me; we really don't want a piece of you.)  We spend a good part of our adult lives trying to fix what you f'd up when you had us or adopted us.  What then, is the point of giving someone a life if they don't really get to live until 3/4 of their life is over?

I think parents-to-be or pregnant parents, yes, parents, not just women, should be required to take parenting classes and become certified to be parents.  They should receive psychological and genetic testing and counseling before they are allowed to become pregnant.  Sound harsh?  Well, compared to what we went through growing up and have to deal with now, you might be lucky to get off so easily.

American parents have no responsibility. They have low-cost education and babysitting for their kids.  They can get free food and income tax breaks.  Take away the incentives and maybe a few will think more carefully before procreating.

Society is burdened with the psychologically crippled, the mentally ill, the psychopaths and sociopaths.  Parents, we don't want your diseases, illness, issues, and worst of all, your absolute stupidity.  "Sage" advice is not cute, nor is it helpful.  Your kids believe every word you say when they are very young.  Do you think maybe you could set a better example?  We don't want your baggage.

Oh, step-parents and parents, too, we are not responsible for YOUR kids, especially when we were kids ourselves.  You had them you take care of them.  And step-parents-to-be, don't even think about it.  It will not work out.  We didn't want new relatives or new parents.  Our regular ones were bad enough.  Family mergers do not work.  No one really wants them.  So think of something besides yourselves.  You lost your husband or wife?  Too bad.  Deal with it like an adult.  Stand on your own two feet.  You chose to have kids or adopt them.  You bring them up.  You support them.  Yes, it's difficult on your own, but next time think about the future before you have them.  It's called a new adult activity:  Planning ahead.  Take responsibility, parents.

And, hey there, politicians, the "family" unit has changed over the last 50 years if you haven't noticed.  Put that college to work in your nonexistent brains.  The new "family" is many things.  Society is much different.  Why try to push 50-year-old "family values?"  Maybe there is nothing to run your platform on or maybe you're just not that bright.  But don't use this euphemism to try to get elected.  We don't want to hear it, nor do we believe it.  I have had enough family for three lifetimes.  No more, thank you.

In summary, if you want a better society with a better lifestyle, you need to solve some root problems, not just put on big band-aids.   Think of something besides yourselves, parents and politicians, and maybe, America will become a little better. 

99 Tech Life Hacks You Should Know - Hongkiat

99 Tech Life Hacks You Should Know - Hongkiat

Friday, November 6, 2015

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Coffee Taste Test

Decaf Coffee Taste Test: The Good, The Bad And The Really, Really Bad


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Another site that is not good.  Signing up is a lot of trouble; the site doesn't record your info right away, so you end up with two accounts.  Then to top it off, after you link your account to PayPal, they still want you to have a credit card on file.  I don't think so.

Ebates doesn"t work

I'm tire of having to contact Ebates every time a shopping item does not get put into my account.  Con't know whether this is a scam, but it's more trouble than it's worth.