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Monday, December 28, 2015

More crap from my favorite school, Penn foster

I am having a difficult time with this book.  Professional reference websites say the correct answers, yet this book always has something different.  There is an obvious mistake on p. 191.   Q.1 under EHR review:  MMR injections are given subq.  In real life, that would be dangerous and a lawsuit.  I would suggest choosing a more professional reference next time.  This book is poorly written and is not descriptive of the way EHR is really done.  I'm sorry, I cannot wait until I am out of this horrible program and even more horrible school.  Wow, I guess you really do get what you pay for.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Hopefully, this works!

Thank you for the lovely flowers; however, I would like for your family to stop contacting me by phone, by text, by email, by letter, by Facebook, by Twitter, or any other way. Please do not contact me again. Please respect my right to privacy as I respect yours.

We are not legally, emotionally, or otherwise bound in any way.  My legal father was simply married to you for 6 years.  He is all yours.  I thank God every day that he was not my real father.

Background Checks

mental hospitals

You're Not Alone If... - LIGHT'S HOUSE

You're Not Alone If... - LIGHT'S HOUSE

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Belarc Advisor - Free Personal PC Audit, for software, hardware and security configuration information on your computer. Software license management, IT asset management, cyber security audits, and more.

Belarc Advisor - Free Personal PC Audit, for software, hardware and security configuration information on your computer. Software license management, IT asset management, cyber security audits, and more.

Ending Small Business Failure - #SmallBizLady | Melinda Emerson

Ending Small Business Failure - #SmallBizLady | Melinda Emerson

eCrafty.com's Quick Ideas for Beading, Crafts, & Jewelry Making Fun

Living Very Frugally

1.  Avoid cities, either living there or buying there.  They are very expensive.
2.  Find food banks, clothing banks in your area, sign up for food stamps.
3. Shop at thrift stores, furniture is cheaper.
4. Peruse adds, online or in print, for items you need.  If it's clean, it's usable.
5. Look for real sales, deep discount sales.
6. Make a profit when working.  If you are paying out gas and car expenses, compare them with what you are being paid.
7. Pay credit card debt off right away  Interest is expensive.
8. Buy generic.  Most items perform the same as brand items.  No one really needs $25 shampoo.  Your hair is dead after it grows out.  Everyone gets wrinkles when they age.  Coloring your grey hair at home is cheaper.  Find a cheaper hair cutter.
9. Make sure actually you actually need the prescriptions your health care provider prescribes.  Get a 2nd opinion. Same process with treatments or surgeries.
10. Avoid extras, buying coffee or food out.  Try to avoid impulse items.
11. Cheaper education is not always better. Unfortunately, it is very expensive.  Try to find the best for your budget.  Go to community college first then transfer if that is cheaper.  Can you get an online certificate cheaper?  Maybe.  Look around.  There are also many free classes online if you do not need the credential.
12. Reuse the back of paper in the printer.  Don't print extra pictures in the page.  Paste the page into Word and delete the ads and pictures.  Use EcoFont for less ink usage.
13. Get basic cable or watch free shows on the Internet.
14. Look for free stuff.
15. Avoid specialty or boutique stores unless absolutely necessary.  There is usually a substitute for a more expensive item.
16.  If you don't make the same income as your parents do or did, you cannot spend money you do not or will not ever have.

Jewelry Making & Craft Supplies

Ready to Wear Jewelry | Crafted Jewelry

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Why are commercials so annoying

Why are commercials so annoying

8 Core Functions of EHR - http://ehrlogistics.weebly.com/-ehr-core-functions.html

Capabilities of an Electronic Health Record System:
1.) Health  information and data-patient data using defined data sets and interfaces with
  related medical treatment and diagnostic reporting systems.
2.) Results management-electronic reporting of tests, consultations, and related patient

      3.) Order entry and management- electronic order entry with allergy, interaction, and
  laboratory report interfaces.

4.) Decision support-reminders, prompts, diagnosis and disease management information,  adverse event, disease outbreak, and bioterrorism tracking.
5.) Electronic communication and connectivity-exchange of healthcare data across providers  within and outside a care setting to support continuity of care, including
telemedicine and telemonitoring options.
6.) Patient support- patient education and home based telemedicine

7.) Administrative processes-electronic scheduling, billing and claims management, and
identification of those appropriate for clinical trials or focused disease  management.
8.) Reporting and population health management-quality management and regulatory

Monday, December 14, 2015

Jewelry Sliders at Joann.com | Jo-Ann

Proud of Myself

had a moment today.. thinking what awful presents my boyfriends have all gotten me, but I got through it!  Ed always got me something really crappy, the first 2 yrs, a sweatshirt with a tractor on it or leftovers that were on sale at some store or re-gifts. He actually spent $50 for me for Xmas last yr.  Not like he didn't have the money.  This is someone with about 30 expensive guns, 3 cars (even though they're old), and an old truck. Like I was an afterthought.

When we went Xmas shopping, he would spend good money to impress his relatives with his gifts for them, making me feel like nothing.  It sure kept  me in my place, didn't it?

He'll find out he can't be Mr. Spendthrift or Johnny well-dressed Hunter as he gets to taking care of his house.  He never even paid rent in his whole life, never  lived by himself.  He'll sure be living by himself for the next 30 yrs at least, now.

What a f'ing jerk!

One boyfriend gave me a nightgown his daughter could have worn, one gave me a watch a 5-yr-old could have worn and of all things, a gadget to soak my feet in.

None of these guys was poor.

FusionBeads.com Blog - inspire learn createFusionBeads.com Blog

Glossary of Jewelry Terms from Cousin.com

HIPAA: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

Billing Workers’ Compensation

Does workers' compensation cover just my medical bills? - Nolo.com

Your Medical Records

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Ha, ha

Clinton didn't inhale.  If he had, but didn't actually perform the act of smoking, would that make him guilty by reason of inhalation?

Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Best Reference Sites For Medical Students

Hey guys

The joke is on you.  Women have never marries "up."  When women get married, they are always marrying down because most men are lazy, manipulative, narcissistic, screwups.

You want to have kids, you say?  Well, there is a good reason men can't have kids as stated above.  Plus, why in the world would we want copies of you?  There are already plenty of screwed-up people in the world.

The Appalling "Ridiculously Smart Guide to Facebook & Twitter Advertising" given by SEJ

I caught the end of this webinar because it was advertised at the wrong time in the email.  I was appalled at Larry Kim and his antisocial attitude at the Q&A session at the end.  I follow many groups on social media and I don't like the implication of being a "barnacle."  The operative word is Social! Media, not antisocial media.  Social media didn't start out as a business.  Furthermore, if it weren't for followers, potential customers, business would not exist.  If Mr. Kim is seeking a higher income customer, I suggest he take his "expertise" somewhere else.  He is an exact example of how not to act in business.  An expert is an expert because he or she knows the right way to convey information.  How Mr. Kim has become an expert in a few short years is beyond me.  I sincerely hope he is not a product of an American business school.  If he is, American business has a lot to worry about.

I did not care care for his "holier-than-thou" attitude and I will not attend anymore of your webinars. Never send me anymore emails or communications again.  

Karen Huber, BA, MEd, MS 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Ebay does not have your back!

So much for buyer protection; Ebay decided in favor of a seller who never sent me the item I purchased username: grandma something or other.  I called my credit card company and told them not to pay that charge.  It was a small amount of money, but I closed my Ebay account after 15 years.  I had a 100% rating as a seller, too.  Never again!  I would close my PayPal account, too, but too many people still require you to have PayPal to get paid.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Book review: The Juncture by Bruce Fottler

Gary wakes up in the past, but still remembers his future and present, which become the same in the past. As he struggles through some not-so-fond, adolescent memories, he finally understands what is occurring,when he finds someone who shares knowledge of his own flashback.The Juncture is based on an interesting combination of dimensions that succeed very well at the end of the story.

I would classify this as middle school reading because the characters acted this age level .  There was too much detail in some parts of the story, making it boring .  I hung on until the end, where the point of the story and characters seemed evident.  The author succeeded very well in making the Christian characters seem human and not sanctimonious.  The overall message:  God was working through the characters' lives and God is at work in our lives. Can we change our lives through changing our actions and do we get second chances?  

Friday, November 20, 2015


I am very thankful this year that I am much happier.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Ode to Boyfriends

After putting up with around 45 years of boyfriends, I must say, "What a time waster!"  Betting used to the BS and the "families-in-law" is more than I will put up with anymore.  Oh, and there are the benefits:  the benefits from hell.  No thanks, no more.  They all seem to be the same, complete narcissists who don't give a damn about anyone else.  They can be nice if they want to, when appearances matter, but to the significant others? Cold day in hell before you can put a bomb up their ass to get them to do something for you.  And this is what women are brainwashed to put up with?

I guess if they weren't, the population would go down dramatically and the wedding industry would suffer.  I have much better things to do with my life.  In fact, there are not enough hours in a day for me to do all the things I am much happier doing.  Thank you, God, for letting me finally see the light, and about that, I am sincere.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Penn Foster again!

Below is an example of the "teaching" at Penn Foster  Teachers are just graders who have no knowledge of the lessons they are grading.  Some lessons have not been updated in years.  Many of the programs have some of the same "filler" material that has nothing to do with what you're studying.
This is what I said about my grade:
RE:  grading Karen Huber 22237353-028005
I believe I completed the assignment as asked. Your comment shows that you are unaware of what was asked in the assignment.

This is what the "grader" said:
Comment [WU3]: The assignment asks for the
first paragraph to focus on the solution to the
problem. The second paragraph should focus on
the benefits of the solution.

This is what the actual assignment said:
Section 1
• Facts and figures that define the problem (the cause)
• Details that show the impact of the problem (effects) on Jack,
Ruth, and the company
Section 2
• The steps needed to change the situation
• Reason to implement each step, including the benefits to your
employees, your supervisor, and the company
• Information about your role in the change

could not upload .pdf files for illustration

This school really needs to get its act together.  I didn't write a remarkable PhD thesis for the project, but I did follow instructions.  
I just realized you can give Google Voice your phone number, then block unwanted calls on Google Voice..  Handy!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Big companies

While watching "Shark Tank" last night, I couldn't help but wish that all business people were as intelligent as the Sharks.  Business in America seems to think it can make its own laws. Take customer service at Verizon.. The rep says that he is required to have my full name.  When I ask him to cite the law that requires that, he repeats that Verizon requires this information.  So these business people think we are all that stupid as to not think about what we are asked?  We are all so brainwashed, it isn't funny.  When we think critically about something, we are considered troublesome.  Same thing when we ask questions.

We are supposed to trust doctors implicitly. After all, they are business people, too.  Yet, we often get advice that is so outdated or so off the mark, it might actually kill us if we did as they told us.  Pharmaceutical medicines, what a business!  Most of the medicine is so dangerous, I'm not sure why doctors are buying into it.  Because that is all that is available?  Come on, one of the richest, money-wasting countries on the planet cannot come up with better than that?  It's all about the money, honey.
Too bad, it seems that these huge conglomerates have God complexes.

Eventually they will hang themselves.  People will get sick of paying exorbitant prices for crap and even more exorbitant prices for quality.  And, most people no longer have money for extras much less for the necessities.

Drinking champagne may boost memory, prevent dementia, study says | Clark Howard

Drinking champagne may boost memory, prevent dementia, study says | Clark Howard

Friday, November 13, 2015

Ode to Parents

As one who grew up with really bad parents, and later worked with kids who had really bad parents, at last I'm going to say what I really feel.  One radio commercial states something like, you don't have to be a perfect parent.  No, but acceptability would be really nice.  As adults, we deal with all the horrible skills many parents raised us with.  No, we don't need it.  No thanks.  Please really consider why you want kids before you do the physical act.  It really takes no effort at all to have kids, just a reproductive system.  It is not a big accomplishment.  Many times, it is a selfish need that people want to satisfy.

Maintaining the family tree, giving a piece of ourselves to humanity (take it from me; we really don't want a piece of you.)  We spend a good part of our adult lives trying to fix what you f'd up when you had us or adopted us.  What then, is the point of giving someone a life if they don't really get to live until 3/4 of their life is over?

I think parents-to-be or pregnant parents, yes, parents, not just women, should be required to take parenting classes and become certified to be parents.  They should receive psychological and genetic testing and counseling before they are allowed to become pregnant.  Sound harsh?  Well, compared to what we went through growing up and have to deal with now, you might be lucky to get off so easily.

American parents have no responsibility. They have low-cost education and babysitting for their kids.  They can get free food and income tax breaks.  Take away the incentives and maybe a few will think more carefully before procreating.

Society is burdened with the psychologically crippled, the mentally ill, the psychopaths and sociopaths.  Parents, we don't want your diseases, illness, issues, and worst of all, your absolute stupidity.  "Sage" advice is not cute, nor is it helpful.  Your kids believe every word you say when they are very young.  Do you think maybe you could set a better example?  We don't want your baggage.

Oh, step-parents and parents, too, we are not responsible for YOUR kids, especially when we were kids ourselves.  You had them you take care of them.  And step-parents-to-be, don't even think about it.  It will not work out.  We didn't want new relatives or new parents.  Our regular ones were bad enough.  Family mergers do not work.  No one really wants them.  So think of something besides yourselves.  You lost your husband or wife?  Too bad.  Deal with it like an adult.  Stand on your own two feet.  You chose to have kids or adopt them.  You bring them up.  You support them.  Yes, it's difficult on your own, but next time think about the future before you have them.  It's called a new adult activity:  Planning ahead.  Take responsibility, parents.

And, hey there, politicians, the "family" unit has changed over the last 50 years if you haven't noticed.  Put that college to work in your nonexistent brains.  The new "family" is many things.  Society is much different.  Why try to push 50-year-old "family values?"  Maybe there is nothing to run your platform on or maybe you're just not that bright.  But don't use this euphemism to try to get elected.  We don't want to hear it, nor do we believe it.  I have had enough family for three lifetimes.  No more, thank you.

In summary, if you want a better society with a better lifestyle, you need to solve some root problems, not just put on big band-aids.   Think of something besides yourselves, parents and politicians, and maybe, America will become a little better. 

99 Tech Life Hacks You Should Know - Hongkiat

99 Tech Life Hacks You Should Know - Hongkiat

Friday, November 6, 2015

International Work at Home Jobs and Online Money Making Ideas Read more at http://www.dreamhomebasedwork.com/2015/09/international-work-at-home-jobs.html/#q25CVOIDJ2LGAQ7G.99

http://www.dreamhomebasedwork.com/  home-based jobs

Coffee Taste Test

Decaf Coffee Taste Test: The Good, The Bad And The Really, Really Bad


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Another site that is not good.  Signing up is a lot of trouble; the site doesn't record your info right away, so you end up with two accounts.  Then to top it off, after you link your account to PayPal, they still want you to have a credit card on file.  I don't think so.

Ebates doesn"t work

I'm tire of having to contact Ebates every time a shopping item does not get put into my account.  Con't know whether this is a scam, but it's more trouble than it's worth.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Book Review: Fire Whisperer and Circle of Souls

"Fire Whisperer" - Keva Tait was injured in a hotel fire and was diagnosed with schizophrenia because she supposedly experiences hallucinations. Are these really hallucinations or are her spiritual visitors trying to comfort her? With the tenth anniversary of the fire looming, Keva wants to find out what really happened in the fire. This story could have been developed further to be more effective.

"Circle of Souls" - A young woman doing research at a small museum in Ottawa experiences unexplained "occurrences" and is almost pushed down a set of stairs. Her husband thinks she is under stress. Her sister-in-law experiences a presence. A videographer glimpses images of a crying doll while working. A paranormal investigator encounters a voice when he visits an old mill. Smirking and crying dolls? Are these ghosts and events connected? All find out at a seance.  This story is a blend of Canadian history and suspense.  The ending could have been developed better to support the suspense leading up to it; it was an anticlimax, disappointing. Overall, a good story from a beginning author.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Book Review: Self Defense Made Simple by Phil Pierce

This book is well-written, concise, and full of practical examples of personal self defense.It is easy to read and instructions are simple to follow.  There are recommendations for self defense classes, detailed instructions for strike points, and illustrated techniques. This is an all-you-will-ever-need self defense book.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Part of the reason there are many victims in today's USA society is because society partially creates them.  Consider what some parents do to their children in the name of tradition.  They probably don't realize that they are abusing their children.  Many children do not have the mental capacity to fight back.  Consider this article:  http://www.attn.com/stories/2587/what-negative-thinking-does-your-brain

Society teaches to ignore basic instincts.  You can judge many books by their covers or with whom people associate, "birds of a feather."  I have made many bad judgments by being "nice" to people.  Some people will even think that your even looking at them is a sign of approval, that they can talk to you or do whatever they are thinking that your look means.  I also seem to attract people with some serious personality issues because I talk to them or am nice to them or feel sorry for them.

I have learned a difficult lesson because I have wasted much of my hard-earned life with people who ended up harming me, are very toxic, and have serious mental issues.

Yes, wasted.  They got the benefits of my time and energy and I got nothing but harm in return.

So, if I am "rude," people, I am letting my instincts function as they should, like they used to.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

What a good article about bad therapy!


I think group therapy is a bad idea, too.  You feel you are compelled to share what you don't want to share with total strangers who have absolutely no training, wrong training, give unsubstantiated advice.  Whose bright idea was group therapy anyway?  Even the trained "helpers" are not good; they just want you out of their hair so they can go on charging $300 per hour or keep their jobs that they're not good at anyway.  I am appalled at what passes for therapy, psychiatry, and mental health treatment in this country.  Treatment has barely improved since the 1950s. People end up worse for the "help" they ask for.  Treatment is also comprised of toxic drugs whose side effects in no way justify their use. Mental health treatment is anything but healthy!

What a system!  Scary, Very scary...

Saturday, October 10, 2015

WGBH illiterate captioners?

WGBH's captioning services are substandard.  There are  misspellings, obvious, misused words (homonyms).  Do the captioners even have high school diplomas?  No wonder illiteracy is on the rise in the almost richest country in the world.  Aren't education and creativity tenets of WGBH and public television?

Another disgusting Panera Bread commercial

Their new commercial shows a male holding the child as though the child were a food tray, eating a sandwich off of the (thank God) child's clothed rear end. That is unsanitary and disgusting. Is Panera just trying to irritate us? I would never eat there.

Friday, October 9, 2015

I have a BA in Spanish, a Masters in Education, and a MS in Library Science. I have certificates in educational technology and medical transcription. I taught technical writing and remedial writing as a graduate assistant.  I taught information literacy  as a librarian. I love to make jewelry, walk, read, and gather and organize Internet information. I feel strongly that everyone should know how to find, analyze, and use information.  With myriads of information at our fingertips, it is important to know where and how to look for it.  Finding the right information is a key to lifelong learning.

Penn Foster is a lousy school

Penn Foster is a lousy school.  Teachers grade exams from lessons they don't create and the tested material does not always match the lesson. Much of the content in courses is just filler; for example, I signed up for two courses and 2 of the modules in each course were exactly the same and they didn't have much to do with the overall subject.  I am taking the Medical Coding and Billing course ( I cancelled the other) and right now, we are enjoying an entire module on 8th grade English grammar. The lower prices of this school do not lead to a quality or accredited education.  Many of the expectations and delivery of course materials are not spelled out clearly.  When you try to call this Corinne in administration about issues she is never at her desk.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Do not take classes at Penn Foster unless you are truly desperate or have no money.  I just wrote this to my instructor, "I'm not going to argue with the grade I got, but these ABA rules were not discussed in detail in the lesson.  We were not instructed to research these rules in depth, nor was there any examples of how to apply them.  We are not training to be lawyers.  If you want someone to learn something, please include it in the lesson."

I am taking two classes and the lessons rarely tell you all you need to know, nor are they all up-to-date.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Ah, I remember when...

My ex-boyfriend didn't bother calling me one night because of floods that he wouldn't be there.  When I asked him why, he said, "I knew you'd call later."  I remember his telling me he would be at my house.  When?  He said "when he got there."  The crap I took off this guy is amazing.  I can't believe I was that stupid to go out with this jerk.

I am extremely upset!

I followed the directions exactly how to upload the Word exam 3 files and as usual, the instructions were wrong.  I should have uploaded them all at once. How am I going to upload the other 2? I can't get an instructor until they email me back; I see no way of emailing instructors here.  Phone call didn't help.  What kind of school is this?! Now I will fail the course just because I cannot the other two necessary files? My day is ruined, I am crying, and I have to wait until tomorrow.  If there is not a solution to this, I am going right to the Better Business Bureau or I will take Penn Foster to court.  I am tired of the shoddy instructions and lousy lessons! When I finish my 2 courses, I never want to even hear the Penn Foster name again, and I sure will NOT recommend this scam to anyone else. I will not allow Penn Foster to ruin another day in my life!
- See more at: http://community.pennfoster.edu/message/717947#717947

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Growing Up

Due to my father's employment, I didn't grow up  in one "hometown." I had the fortune to live in different cities in the United States. Pennsylvania, being one of them, is popular for its history.  One can go to Philadelphia to experience the nation's birthplace or one can go to Amish country to sample shoo fly or whoopie pies.  In Maryland, there are many places to enjoy the ocean while swimming, crabbing, or sailing.  Sample crab, lobster, oysters, or clams at Phillips Seafood or see a variety of sea life in the National Aquarium in Baltimore. Virginia is also famous for its fishing and seafood. One can visit the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center, Busch Gardens at Williamsburg, or take a trip to the Pentagon. One can enjoy sports events at RFK Stadium.  In El Paso, Texas, we enjoyed a weekly, Sunday ride to Juarez to shop, listen to music, or visit the Rio Grande. It is a beautiful city, surrounded by desert, purple mountains, and wonderful hot weather.

Thursday, August 13, 2015


Contrary to what one tech expert says, Dashlane is not free; it is trialware.  It also puts wrong information in your profile. It wants too much information. You can have an Excel list from before you install it, though.  I found this software with those pop-up boxes coming up all the time, especially when they have the wrong Information.  People that review this software should tell the truth about it. I guess it's hard to when you're extolling the virtues of a product.  Money always seems to win over truth.

HP Deskjet 3511

This printer has become very irritating.  I  have had it 2 yrs now and before every print job, it asks me if I want to align.  It has a 2-step alignment process that is time consuming.  I won't buy this one again.

Blue Moon Beads: Gorgeous Jewels

Blue Moon Beads: Gorgeous Jewels: Hey everyone! I am so excited to start posting some great jewelry ideas from our awesome Blue Moon Bead Design Team!

Free Software

Windows 7 Ultimate ISO Free Download 32 and 64 Bit | Windows 7 ISO | Download Full setup softwares, Offline and Standalone Installers for FREE

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

I had a Saturn SL series a few years ago.  It was the worst car I ever had.  At 66,000 miles, it started nickle-and-diming me.

Social Security woes solution

Congressman from CA Xavier Becerra has introduced new legislation to solve SS insolvency.  It doesn't raise taxes or cost extra money. It combines the two separate SS funds into one, allowing more money to be available.  More info here:  http://becerra.house.gov/one-social-security/

HP Printers - Which Cartridges Work with My HP Printer? | HP® Customer Support

Someone needs to check how accurate the website, tests, or lessons are at Penn Foster

I got a question wrong on a medical coding exam.  After submitting, it gives you the page "where the answer can be found" if you got the question wrong. The answer was not on that page nor anywhere in the whole lesson.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Verison 's company is poorly run

I live in 17044 area.  Verizon has once again upped their prices without exactly telling us why. I called a rep and he set me up for a year "discount."  What the reps do not tell you is that a new charge of $7.11 for FCC services, not a Verizon service, was also added to the bill.  I got a bill for $10 more than my previous bill even with the "discount."  The first rep I talked to hung up on me.  The 2nd rep I talked to in the same day had to transfer me for some reason. Incompetence?  The 3rd rep helped me and said I had gotten a service discount, which was true, but I still don't see how Verizon thinks a real discount is $10 more on your bill.  Are they arrogant enough to think that they can fool people with their "discounts?"  Basic math tells us that $10 more on a bill is not a discount.  Customer service is now a nightmare with Verizon around here.  They are also charging $99 for tech service?  That is obscene, considering all requests cannot be done on the Internet if your Internet is down, as the "voice" tells you to go to their site to solve many problems.  Is management at Verizon seriously incompetent or seriously intellectually-challenged?

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Joyland by Stephen King Review

I really liked this book, partially because it was by Stephen King and partially because it was short; easy to read in a busy summer.  The plot is a simple ghost story, the subplot about a boy/man still discovering himself and all that he can offer to the world.  King is really good at character development and Devin Jones is no exception. His angst about his lost girlfriend diminishes as he saves a child from harm at the carnival where he works and arranges a carnival day for a dying child he has befriended. The boy's mother, Devin's new lover gives him confidence that he will need and use in future relationships. This was a good, mini-Stephen King novel.

Friday, June 19, 2015

http://askbobrankin.com/important_an_extra_layer_of_security.html IMPORTANT: An Extra Layer of Security (Ask Bob Rankin)

Thursday, June 18, 2015

QFX J7 Boombox AM/FM Cassette Recorder (Electronics)
This little player gets the job done. It is not high fidelity, but it gets the radio stations and plays the cassettes.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Psychiatrists seem to have poor training these days and do not seem too familiar with the culture in which they practice.  Healthcare seems substandard, yet exorbitantly expensive. Doctors want to give expensive, unnecessary tests and over-medicate  It seems that they want to make and keep people sick, so they can make even more money. Psychologists should have prescription rights; psychiatrists are only doctors who seem to have little understanding of patients, nor do they seem to care.

Friday, June 5, 2015


Prehnite is a mineral that was named for Colonel Hendrik Von Prehn (1733–1785), who is thought to have discovered it in 1774, at the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa, and later brought specimens to Europe. This silica is usually pale to medium green, but may also be white, brown, gray and colorless. It is a brittle substance and can be partially transparent to translucent. Prehnite can be found all over the world in countries such as Australia, South Africa, China, Scotland and the USA.

A different form of large, individual, flattened crystals and clusters was found in the the Quebec, Canada. In the U.S., the most famous prehnite localities are in northwestern New Jersey, especially hemispherical shapes, fingers and snakeheads; also large balls, sometimes with a yellowish hue, and triangular clusters. Connecticut has prehnite in many of the basalt quarries, including rare white prehnite. Prehnite of sharp black is found in Massachusetts, and pale green tabular crystals are found in the North Carolina.

Prehnite is sometimes used as a healing crystal and can enhance spiritual growth, precognition, and discipline. It is sometimes sold as "new jade."  It is associated with minerals such as datolite, calcite, and others in veins and cavities of basaltic rocks and granites. In April 2000, orange Prehnite was discovered in South Africa. 


Healing Crystals For You

Thursday, May 21, 2015


Olumpus's customer service has really gone down hill.  I returned a battery because it wasn't holding a charge as long as my other one.  I asked if I could have a battery with a newer date on it. The rep said they didn't catalog them like that.  I asked how they check the batteries to make sure they work.  The rep said they do that at the factory.  She actually suggested I  could get the battery from Ebay when I said they certainly charge a lot of money for the batteries. I said I thought Olympus was supposed to sell quality merchandise.  Now, I'm not sure they do. Anyway, I ordered it one more time to see if I can get a better one.  Another case of bad communication between departments and bad website maintenance.
Tecsun PL-310 fm/am Stereo World Band Dsp Receiver
 I bought this product from Amazon and returned it for a refund. Amazon handled the refund quickly.  The radio wouldn't even pick up local stations.


Amazon would not let me leave negative feedback in the box for a product that returned. What is that all about?  If they do not want negative feedback, they shouldn't put low quality products on their site.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Amazon's photos of products makes everything look twice as big as it really is.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Book Review: Bones Are Forever by Kathy Reichs

Kathy Reichs' books are easy to read yet give educational value to fiction. It is comforting to know she is always writing something new. I learned quite a bit about diamond mining, the Canadian terrain and culture. As with all of Reichs' books, the family of characters is all there, La Manche, Andrew Ryan, Tempe Brennan, ready to tackle the next, mysterious adventure.

Book Review: Smoothie Recipes: The Ultimate Boxed Set with Hundreds of Smoothie Recipes

Smoothie recipes, all kinds, but not hundreds, a few over one hundred. There are dozens of scrumptious recipes, dieting and healthy ones included. There are some plain health juices and tips for dieting with them in the bonus section. There are some healthy, solid food recipes, even desserts, that look scrumptious, and she, too, has a list of delicious list of smoothies. There is a fun juicing quiz at the end of the book and a list of smoothie poems, of which I am the author probably meant to be fun. I do think the book would be better without this section, because it drags an otherwise excellent book out.

Friday, May 8, 2015

greedy business

Plumber comes last week and doesn't really mention how beat up the floor under the toilet was , charged me $124, this week I had to get a contractor to fix the floor.  If the plumber had recommended fixing the floor first, this would  have saved me the money.

Greedy companies

Verizon has dialed down my Internet without notice and as I guess everyone has noticed, gas prices are going up just in time for vacation.

Thursday, May 7, 2015


Wow.. Goodwill, Kmart are pretty expensive.  Walmart's prices have risen , of course, like everything else, but you can still find some pretty good deals.  In Ollie's, you really have to look, but flooring, carpet, and books are their specialty.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Dole Shakers

I had a coupon so I tried one. $1.78 without a coupon. Wow!  You pay this for approx. 1/2 to 1 inch of product that never turns into a smoothie. Mine ended up being different flavored juice after following the instructions for mixing. Not impressed with this product.
I think maybe Senior Citizen discounts might be phasing out.  Burger King has senior "fountain" drinks, just what seniors need to make them healthy..soda!