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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The US Mental Health System, Very Unhealthy!

Please do something about deplorable conditions in mental institutions.  People are treated like criminals and are not allowed to leave if they don't take medications.  They are stolen from and belittled by both staff and doctors who think they are God.  Doctors base their opinions on nonprofessional staff and 15 minute meetings with "inmates".  Not much has changed since the 1900s.  Doctors prescribe medicines not caring if you get addicted, then accuse you of anything when you have problems with the medicine.  They do not care if their poison medicines cause people to have DUIs.  The police just blame the "inmates" because they can.  This is just sanctioned prescription drug abuse.  They give people so  much medicine they can't even function and they don't want the blame when people develop other problems because of this "medicine."  Too much medicine and incompetent, greedy, conceited  doctors.

The whole mental health system in the US is messed up.  Maybe the doctors and the psychiatrists need to be hospitalized.  Those institutions are extremely harmful and make people worse. Please do something.  Doctors in general have way too much power.  They are not and never will be God like they think they are.

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