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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Penn Foster sucks! Don't waste your money!

This is the worst textbook I have ever used in my life!  You get questions at the end of each chapter, not practical questions, definitions.  The answers are not in the readings or the book.  An instructor told me not to use the Internet to look up information.  Where are the answers?  The only way to actually find them is to look in the answer code at the end of the book.  One thing this course taught me is that I no longer want to be a medical coder.  I am tired of it already, so much BS.  Why a 5 hr and 40 minute test for something that doesn't pay that well anyway?  Everyone acts like this job is the president of the country.  Get over it.  $290 for a test?  Who can afford to be certified?  Not me!  I'll take cancer registrar management instead, much more professional and realistic.

The length of the test and the certification cost should be mentioned in the course description.  Once again, good job Penn Foster.  Thanks for a total waste of time.

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