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Thursday, May 5, 2016

My reply to PF

This is exactly what I am speaking of.  That email is no longer an option in the help section.  You don't even know how your own school works  We received an email that t he help center was changing.  Searching  for instructor in the Help section does nothing.

There should be no need for sorry.  If the school were run correctly, it wouldn't have such a bad reputation.

If you check the help center like you should have, you will see that it is even less help than before.

I called yesterday and several other times and was on hold for an hour.  I would like to finish the course before I die in 30  yrs and get on with my life.  But this is my fault, I made a very  poor choice.  I just didn't know how poor.

I am astounded that this school is even legal at all.

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