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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Dear PA State Board of Medicine

I am very concerned about the health care available in Mifflin County  I am not giving my name or address because people are quite vindictive in this area.  The doctors seem to be incompetent.  They order unnecessary tests, drugs, and give unhealthy or wrong advice.  I have had to look on the Internet for information that the doctors should have known.  If I have a serious problem again, I will not go to a doctor in Mifflin or a mental health location anywhere in PA.  Dental care is a joke or nonexistent for poor people in Mifflin County.  Eye doctors and psychiatrists seem to be around 30 years behind the times, too.  They all seem more concerned about making money and keeping their piece of the pie than helping people.

I am concerned with what they are teaching these health care professionals in schools.  None of these professionals seem to be that intelligent or intuitive.  One doctor had to look in a symptom checker before he answered my question, another types into his computer the entire time of the visit and doesn't want to hear what you say at a price of $300 an hour, and another couldn't figure out a simple symptom even after expensive testing.  The Internet is cheaper. and more reliable.

The prices here for health care are obscene.  They charge almost the same as New York.  Like I said, health care here is a profit-making making business, nothing more.

Please do something before these doctors drive the cost of health care through the stratosphere.  If they keep on their current path, there will be no more insurance because even the insurance companies won't be able to afford them.

Thank you.

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