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Monday, April 18, 2016


Maybe if Drs knew what they were doing, people wouldn't have to resort to the Internet.  Around here, doctors don't know simple medical concepts.  I have had to use the Internet to have an idea of symptoms.  I don't go to the dr with a problem unless I first know what it is and how it is treated.  I don't know what they are teaching in medical school these days, but I have never seen so many stupid doctors until I came here.  Maybe that's why they're here; no one else wanted them.

If health care weren't so expensive, people wouldn't have to resort to the Internet either.  Thank you, intelligent Internet people, for putting information on there for us.  With ObamaCare still around, the health care system in the US might never be the same.  Doctors and pharmacy companies have screwed the system up.

Doctors only go into the profession for their egos and the esteem.  What a national scam our health care is!  Our health care is so unhealthy that people die from the very medications that are supposed to make them better.  Why take or prescribe something if you are going to get complications that are worse?  Doesn't make sense to me.

I am half scare to go to the doctor because I never what bullshit they are going to make me think I believe.  Almost every doctor I have been to around here is an idiot and an asshole.  How's that for AI?

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