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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Create and Crap

Create and Craft and Beadalon are both Create and Crap. Here is my letter to both companies.

I have returned another crummy product marketed by Beadalon to a company called Create and Craft. Two very tiny plastic bracelet jigs and some wire.  Who do you think bracelets of that size will fit?  A cat?  It is of very poor quality and certainly not worth the money.

I complained in chat about another poor Beadalon product, the 6-prong knitter, that also isn't worth anything.

I don't know how you got away with marketing and selling this poor merchandise all these years, but you will have one less customer buying this crap.

I am disgusted and disappointed with your company.  No wonder you have a sale once a year:  to get rid of all the crap no  one wants.

Product is of very poor quality and certainly not worth the money.  I will not order anything else from Create and Craft.  This crappy product came all the way from some company in England.  What kind of business are you running anyway?

Yours very disgustedly,

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