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Friday, March 18, 2016

book review: My Toaster Oven Mocks me, Steve Margolis

I loved this. Being different and creative is more difficult than people imagine.  I would have liked a little more detail, like did his notebook pages argue like the peas and corn?  Or did the right sleeve get mad at the left sleeve when he got dressed?  Let's hope not, because it would have taken him forever to get dressed.  Did he ever tell Nancy, his wife, about the synesthesia?

There was enough info in the book to make me more curious.  One of the characters in The Librarians tv show had synesthesia.  The book was well written and kept my attention.  Synethesia sounds sort of like photographic memory.  One way to help  memorize certain things is by their color, for me anyway.

Keep writing, great book!

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