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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Latest from PFA, Penn Foster Adventures

I would like an explanation of the grading process.  There is no one correct answer for some of these codes.  What coding material are you using for grading,  if any?  It is your duty as an instructor to help students, why the brush off?  You need to explain why these are wrong.

Missing E code is right on the  paper; not my fault if you didn't see it.

4. The process of finding a corresponding diagnosis code between ICD-9 and ICD-10 is called:  conversion and mapping from a crosswalk or reverse crosswalk .  Why is this wrong? I mentioned mapping, the question is vague.

E882 missing Should have been Y code missing
 accidental fall from building, but you have to mention out of the window, too
Who thinks up this crap?

ICD-10-CM codes
S06.0X4  a concussion with loss of consciousness of 16 hours
W139XXA   Fall from, out of or through building or structure (external causes of morbidity)
0N570ZZ   right occipital craniectomy

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