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Monday, December 14, 2015

Proud of Myself

had a moment today.. thinking what awful presents my boyfriends have all gotten me, but I got through it!  Ed always got me something really crappy, the first 2 yrs, a sweatshirt with a tractor on it or leftovers that were on sale at some store or re-gifts. He actually spent $50 for me for Xmas last yr.  Not like he didn't have the money.  This is someone with about 30 expensive guns, 3 cars (even though they're old), and an old truck. Like I was an afterthought.

When we went Xmas shopping, he would spend good money to impress his relatives with his gifts for them, making me feel like nothing.  It sure kept  me in my place, didn't it?

He'll find out he can't be Mr. Spendthrift or Johnny well-dressed Hunter as he gets to taking care of his house.  He never even paid rent in his whole life, never  lived by himself.  He'll sure be living by himself for the next 30 yrs at least, now.

What a f'ing jerk!

One boyfriend gave me a nightgown his daughter could have worn, one gave me a watch a 5-yr-old could have worn and of all things, a gadget to soak my feet in.

None of these guys was poor.

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