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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Living Very Frugally

1.  Avoid cities, either living there or buying there.  They are very expensive.
2.  Find food banks, clothing banks in your area, sign up for food stamps.
3. Shop at thrift stores, furniture is cheaper.
4. Peruse adds, online or in print, for items you need.  If it's clean, it's usable.
5. Look for real sales, deep discount sales.
6. Make a profit when working.  If you are paying out gas and car expenses, compare them with what you are being paid.
7. Pay credit card debt off right away  Interest is expensive.
8. Buy generic.  Most items perform the same as brand items.  No one really needs $25 shampoo.  Your hair is dead after it grows out.  Everyone gets wrinkles when they age.  Coloring your grey hair at home is cheaper.  Find a cheaper hair cutter.
9. Make sure actually you actually need the prescriptions your health care provider prescribes.  Get a 2nd opinion. Same process with treatments or surgeries.
10. Avoid extras, buying coffee or food out.  Try to avoid impulse items.
11. Cheaper education is not always better. Unfortunately, it is very expensive.  Try to find the best for your budget.  Go to community college first then transfer if that is cheaper.  Can you get an online certificate cheaper?  Maybe.  Look around.  There are also many free classes online if you do not need the credential.
12. Reuse the back of paper in the printer.  Don't print extra pictures in the page.  Paste the page into Word and delete the ads and pictures.  Use EcoFont for less ink usage.
13. Get basic cable or watch free shows on the Internet.
14. Look for free stuff.
15. Avoid specialty or boutique stores unless absolutely necessary.  There is usually a substitute for a more expensive item.
16.  If you don't make the same income as your parents do or did, you cannot spend money you do not or will not ever have.

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