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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

8 Core Functions of EHR - http://ehrlogistics.weebly.com/-ehr-core-functions.html

Capabilities of an Electronic Health Record System:
1.) Health  information and data-patient data using defined data sets and interfaces with
  related medical treatment and diagnostic reporting systems.
2.) Results management-electronic reporting of tests, consultations, and related patient

      3.) Order entry and management- electronic order entry with allergy, interaction, and
  laboratory report interfaces.

4.) Decision support-reminders, prompts, diagnosis and disease management information,  adverse event, disease outbreak, and bioterrorism tracking.
5.) Electronic communication and connectivity-exchange of healthcare data across providers  within and outside a care setting to support continuity of care, including
telemedicine and telemonitoring options.
6.) Patient support- patient education and home based telemedicine

7.) Administrative processes-electronic scheduling, billing and claims management, and
identification of those appropriate for clinical trials or focused disease  management.
8.) Reporting and population health management-quality management and regulatory

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