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Friday, November 13, 2015

Ode to Parents

As one who grew up with really bad parents, and later worked with kids who had really bad parents, at last I'm going to say what I really feel.  One radio commercial states something like, you don't have to be a perfect parent.  No, but acceptability would be really nice.  As adults, we deal with all the horrible skills many parents raised us with.  No, we don't need it.  No thanks.  Please really consider why you want kids before you do the physical act.  It really takes no effort at all to have kids, just a reproductive system.  It is not a big accomplishment.  Many times, it is a selfish need that people want to satisfy.

Maintaining the family tree, giving a piece of ourselves to humanity (take it from me; we really don't want a piece of you.)  We spend a good part of our adult lives trying to fix what you f'd up when you had us or adopted us.  What then, is the point of giving someone a life if they don't really get to live until 3/4 of their life is over?

I think parents-to-be or pregnant parents, yes, parents, not just women, should be required to take parenting classes and become certified to be parents.  They should receive psychological and genetic testing and counseling before they are allowed to become pregnant.  Sound harsh?  Well, compared to what we went through growing up and have to deal with now, you might be lucky to get off so easily.

American parents have no responsibility. They have low-cost education and babysitting for their kids.  They can get free food and income tax breaks.  Take away the incentives and maybe a few will think more carefully before procreating.

Society is burdened with the psychologically crippled, the mentally ill, the psychopaths and sociopaths.  Parents, we don't want your diseases, illness, issues, and worst of all, your absolute stupidity.  "Sage" advice is not cute, nor is it helpful.  Your kids believe every word you say when they are very young.  Do you think maybe you could set a better example?  We don't want your baggage.

Oh, step-parents and parents, too, we are not responsible for YOUR kids, especially when we were kids ourselves.  You had them you take care of them.  And step-parents-to-be, don't even think about it.  It will not work out.  We didn't want new relatives or new parents.  Our regular ones were bad enough.  Family mergers do not work.  No one really wants them.  So think of something besides yourselves.  You lost your husband or wife?  Too bad.  Deal with it like an adult.  Stand on your own two feet.  You chose to have kids or adopt them.  You bring them up.  You support them.  Yes, it's difficult on your own, but next time think about the future before you have them.  It's called a new adult activity:  Planning ahead.  Take responsibility, parents.

And, hey there, politicians, the "family" unit has changed over the last 50 years if you haven't noticed.  Put that college to work in your nonexistent brains.  The new "family" is many things.  Society is much different.  Why try to push 50-year-old "family values?"  Maybe there is nothing to run your platform on or maybe you're just not that bright.  But don't use this euphemism to try to get elected.  We don't want to hear it, nor do we believe it.  I have had enough family for three lifetimes.  No more, thank you.

In summary, if you want a better society with a better lifestyle, you need to solve some root problems, not just put on big band-aids.   Think of something besides yourselves, parents and politicians, and maybe, America will become a little better. 

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