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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Book review: The Juncture by Bruce Fottler

Gary wakes up in the past, but still remembers his future and present, which become the same in the past. As he struggles through some not-so-fond, adolescent memories, he finally understands what is occurring,when he finds someone who shares knowledge of his own flashback.The Juncture is based on an interesting combination of dimensions that succeed very well at the end of the story.

I would classify this as middle school reading because the characters acted this age level .  There was too much detail in some parts of the story, making it boring .  I hung on until the end, where the point of the story and characters seemed evident.  The author succeeded very well in making the Christian characters seem human and not sanctimonious.  The overall message:  God was working through the characters' lives and God is at work in our lives. Can we change our lives through changing our actions and do we get second chances?  

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