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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Big companies

While watching "Shark Tank" last night, I couldn't help but wish that all business people were as intelligent as the Sharks.  Business in America seems to think it can make its own laws. Take customer service at Verizon.. The rep says that he is required to have my full name.  When I ask him to cite the law that requires that, he repeats that Verizon requires this information.  So these business people think we are all that stupid as to not think about what we are asked?  We are all so brainwashed, it isn't funny.  When we think critically about something, we are considered troublesome.  Same thing when we ask questions.

We are supposed to trust doctors implicitly. After all, they are business people, too.  Yet, we often get advice that is so outdated or so off the mark, it might actually kill us if we did as they told us.  Pharmaceutical medicines, what a business!  Most of the medicine is so dangerous, I'm not sure why doctors are buying into it.  Because that is all that is available?  Come on, one of the richest, money-wasting countries on the planet cannot come up with better than that?  It's all about the money, honey.
Too bad, it seems that these huge conglomerates have God complexes.

Eventually they will hang themselves.  People will get sick of paying exorbitant prices for crap and even more exorbitant prices for quality.  And, most people no longer have money for extras much less for the necessities.

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