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Saturday, October 17, 2015

What a good article about bad therapy!


I think group therapy is a bad idea, too.  You feel you are compelled to share what you don't want to share with total strangers who have absolutely no training, wrong training, give unsubstantiated advice.  Whose bright idea was group therapy anyway?  Even the trained "helpers" are not good; they just want you out of their hair so they can go on charging $300 per hour or keep their jobs that they're not good at anyway.  I am appalled at what passes for therapy, psychiatry, and mental health treatment in this country.  Treatment has barely improved since the 1950s. People end up worse for the "help" they ask for.  Treatment is also comprised of toxic drugs whose side effects in no way justify their use. Mental health treatment is anything but healthy!

What a system!  Scary, Very scary...

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