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Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Part of the reason there are many victims in today's USA society is because society partially creates them.  Consider what some parents do to their children in the name of tradition.  They probably don't realize that they are abusing their children.  Many children do not have the mental capacity to fight back.  Consider this article:  http://www.attn.com/stories/2587/what-negative-thinking-does-your-brain

Society teaches to ignore basic instincts.  You can judge many books by their covers or with whom people associate, "birds of a feather."  I have made many bad judgments by being "nice" to people.  Some people will even think that your even looking at them is a sign of approval, that they can talk to you or do whatever they are thinking that your look means.  I also seem to attract people with some serious personality issues because I talk to them or am nice to them or feel sorry for them.

I have learned a difficult lesson because I have wasted much of my hard-earned life with people who ended up harming me, are very toxic, and have serious mental issues.

Yes, wasted.  They got the benefits of my time and energy and I got nothing but harm in return.

So, if I am "rude," people, I am letting my instincts function as they should, like they used to.

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