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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Book Review: Fire Whisperer and Circle of Souls

"Fire Whisperer" - Keva Tait was injured in a hotel fire and was diagnosed with schizophrenia because she supposedly experiences hallucinations. Are these really hallucinations or are her spiritual visitors trying to comfort her? With the tenth anniversary of the fire looming, Keva wants to find out what really happened in the fire. This story could have been developed further to be more effective.

"Circle of Souls" - A young woman doing research at a small museum in Ottawa experiences unexplained "occurrences" and is almost pushed down a set of stairs. Her husband thinks she is under stress. Her sister-in-law experiences a presence. A videographer glimpses images of a crying doll while working. A paranormal investigator encounters a voice when he visits an old mill. Smirking and crying dolls? Are these ghosts and events connected? All find out at a seance.  This story is a blend of Canadian history and suspense.  The ending could have been developed better to support the suspense leading up to it; it was an anticlimax, disappointing. Overall, a good story from a beginning author.

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