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Monday, September 21, 2015

I am extremely upset!

I followed the directions exactly how to upload the Word exam 3 files and as usual, the instructions were wrong.  I should have uploaded them all at once. How am I going to upload the other 2? I can't get an instructor until they email me back; I see no way of emailing instructors here.  Phone call didn't help.  What kind of school is this?! Now I will fail the course just because I cannot the other two necessary files? My day is ruined, I am crying, and I have to wait until tomorrow.  If there is not a solution to this, I am going right to the Better Business Bureau or I will take Penn Foster to court.  I am tired of the shoddy instructions and lousy lessons! When I finish my 2 courses, I never want to even hear the Penn Foster name again, and I sure will NOT recommend this scam to anyone else. I will not allow Penn Foster to ruin another day in my life!
- See more at: http://community.pennfoster.edu/message/717947#717947

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