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Thursday, August 13, 2015


Contrary to what one tech expert says, Dashlane is not free; it is trialware.  It also puts wrong information in your profile. It wants too much information. You can have an Excel list from before you install it, though.  I found this software with those pop-up boxes coming up all the time, especially when they have the wrong Information.  People that review this software should tell the truth about it. I guess it's hard to when you're extolling the virtues of a product.  Money always seems to win over truth.

HP Deskjet 3511

This printer has become very irritating.  I  have had it 2 yrs now and before every print job, it asks me if I want to align.  It has a 2-step alignment process that is time consuming.  I won't buy this one again.

Blue Moon Beads: Gorgeous Jewels

Blue Moon Beads: Gorgeous Jewels: Hey everyone! I am so excited to start posting some great jewelry ideas from our awesome Blue Moon Bead Design Team!

Free Software

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

I had a Saturn SL series a few years ago.  It was the worst car I ever had.  At 66,000 miles, it started nickle-and-diming me.

Social Security woes solution

Congressman from CA Xavier Becerra has introduced new legislation to solve SS insolvency.  It doesn't raise taxes or cost extra money. It combines the two separate SS funds into one, allowing more money to be available.  More info here:  http://becerra.house.gov/one-social-security/

HP Printers - Which Cartridges Work with My HP Printer? | HP® Customer Support

Someone needs to check how accurate the website, tests, or lessons are at Penn Foster

I got a question wrong on a medical coding exam.  After submitting, it gives you the page "where the answer can be found" if you got the question wrong. The answer was not on that page nor anywhere in the whole lesson.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Verison 's company is poorly run

I live in 17044 area.  Verizon has once again upped their prices without exactly telling us why. I called a rep and he set me up for a year "discount."  What the reps do not tell you is that a new charge of $7.11 for FCC services, not a Verizon service, was also added to the bill.  I got a bill for $10 more than my previous bill even with the "discount."  The first rep I talked to hung up on me.  The 2nd rep I talked to in the same day had to transfer me for some reason. Incompetence?  The 3rd rep helped me and said I had gotten a service discount, which was true, but I still don't see how Verizon thinks a real discount is $10 more on your bill.  Are they arrogant enough to think that they can fool people with their "discounts?"  Basic math tells us that $10 more on a bill is not a discount.  Customer service is now a nightmare with Verizon around here.  They are also charging $99 for tech service?  That is obscene, considering all requests cannot be done on the Internet if your Internet is down, as the "voice" tells you to go to their site to solve many problems.  Is management at Verizon seriously incompetent or seriously intellectually-challenged?